Owner, artist, and author Kaitlyn Dornbier launched kdornbier in 2016 without the blurriest vision of what it's future would look like; she just knew she wanted to make art, and that hopefully it would strike a chord with other people when they stumbled on it. 

"Isn't there anything you need in this world that only your two hands can create?" - Jandy Nelson, I'll Give You The Sun

Fashion, in both it's final form and in the creation process, has the unique ability to set us apart and, at the same time, pull us together. Each product is crafted with this in mind, in the hopes that it will inspire creativity, promote kindness (to others, but more importantly to ourselves), and reflect back to us a little piece of these silly lives we lead.

We sincerely aspire to be a brand dedicated to inclusivity, positivity, and an ever-evolving mindset, because attitude, perspective, and representation matter. 

kdornbier has been forged to celebrate life, art, and the two crashing together. We raise our wine glasses and coffee cups in cheers, to the late-night makers, to the early risers and over-sleepers. To those who are killing it, and those who have yet to find their 'it' to be killed. To the beautiful, messy, rewarding process that beget the beautiful, messy, rewarding final product. 

Kaitlyn Dornbier is a Chicago-based software engineer, dog enthusiast, audiobook devotee, and overall crafter. Originally from Mason City, Iowa, Kaitlyn graduated from the University of Iowa with an MA in Software Engineering and a BA in Graphic Design. While at school, she participated in a number of different communities including the university's cheer Squad and Kappa Alpha Theta.