Not Your Grandma's Sewing Guide (Clean as Heck)

$25.95 USD


Learn the how, where, when, and 'What the heck?!' of sewing basic garments. This is not sewing like grandma used to do. Grab a bottle of wine and get ready to cut corners and (softly) curse your way through this beginner's guide to stitchery.

You'll find the basics of using a sewing machine, insight into patterns and pattern-making, and all of the easiest odds and ends to include in your own garment creations. This guide provides concise, illustrated step-by-step instructions to help you conquer your creativity without the Xanax and crying in the corner. Time-saving tips and where to skip the fuss make this a great guide for people with a wide range of fracks to give.

A few topics covered include: 
  • Tools to get your bum in gear 
  • Basic stitches, seams, and hems  
  • Tips on purchasing fabric 
  • The lazy man's road to zippers, buttons, pleats, pockets, darts, and more 
  • Pattern examples and instructions for all basic garments (tops, shorts, dresses, etc) 

Pop the cork and let's go.

eBook now available on Amazon.

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